We are a Captain and Hotel manager team looking for a long term challenge and commitment on a classic sail or motor yacht. We bring a lot of experience both commercial and in yachting. We also can handle the shipboard side of any conversion or refit

Our first refit was incidentally our own boat. This 1923 riveted steel yacht, done with way too little knowledge and even less resources, was the beginning of a passion for classics. Since then, we have covered some distance.

BEFORE purchasing┬áthe ideal boat for your project, contact us ! – We will guide you through the jungle of regulatory and technical issues. – We will help you choose the boat. – We will organise surveys and a proper sale, choose the best flag and plan works if needed.

AFTER, it is usually too late, but we can still help you sort things out.

Of course, then we wish to take her around the world and beyond.

Most of all, we love to talk about boats and ships, so never hesitate to drop us a line.